Nutrition / Diet Schizophrenia

Could a broccoli sprout extract help treat schizophrenia?

The current schizophrenia treatments rely on antipsychotic drugs that come with unwanted side effects. However, new research has found that a chemical called sulforaphane could reduce and even prevent symptoms of the condition. Broccoli sprouts contain a chemical that may alleviate schizophrenia. Many people with schizophrenia experience hallucinations and delusions that can significantly impact their […]

Cancer / Oncology Neurology / Neuroscience

How a parasitic fish could help us fight brain cancer and stroke

Researchers turn to an ancient species of fish in a bid to find a better way of delivering therapeutic drugs into the brain to treat conditions and events ranging from cancer to stroke. Lampreys (pictured above) may help boost brain therapies.Image credit: T. Lawrence, Great Lakes Fishery Commission Lampreys are one of the oldest surviving […]

Urology / Nephrology

Scientists find possible causes for chronic kidney disease ‘epidemic’

New research suggests that a combination of high heat, toxins, and infections may be responsible for the increasing prevalence of chronic kidney disease among agricultural workers. A combination of high heat and environmental toxins may lead to chronic kidney disease, new research explains. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) involves the slow loss of kidney function. Kidneys […]

Blood / Hematology

Causes of swollen hands

Swelling happens when fluid builds up inside tissues. Numerous factors can cause it, including temperature change and underlying conditions. If swollen hands are due to a medical issue, treating it should resolve the swelling. A person may notice their fingers or hands appearing larger than usual. The skin may look puffy or shiny, and a […]

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How to stop a nosebleed

Nosebleeds occur when delicate blood vessels in the lining of the nose break and start to bleed. In rare instances, nosebleeds occur due to injury to larger blood vessels in the back of the nose. Although nosebleeds can be a common occurrence, there are cases when the bleeding may require a visit to a doctor. […]