Breast Cancer

Male breast cancer: What factors improve outcomes?

Male breast cancer is a relatively rare disease. For this reason, very few studies have evaluated the factors that have associations with better outcomes. A fresh investigation begins to fill this gap. Male breast cancer is rare but understudied. Male breast cancer (MBC) accounts for just 1% of all breast cancer cases. However, some scientists […]

Psychology / Psychiatry Sports Medicine / Fitness

Too much exercise may affect our ability to make decisions

A new study finds that exercise not only causes muscle fatigue but could also affect the brain. The authors conclude that overexercising might reduce our capacity to make decisions. A recent study concludes that intensive exercise may affect cognitive abilities. Researchers at Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris, France, have found that overtraining syndrome may […]

Infectious Diseases / Bacteria / Viruses

Green tea compound could help in the battle against super bugs

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are one of the biggest threats to global health. As researchers scramble to find solutions, a recent study concludes that a compound found in green tea might boost existing drugs. A recent study investigated epigallocatechin, which is a compound in green tea. Antibiotics have proven essential for treating bacterial infections since doctors […]