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CBD: Online interest is peaking

According to a new analysis, there are now more internet searches for cannabidiol (CBD) information than any other alternative therapies. Share on PinterestPeople’s interest in CBD products is skyrocketing, according to a new study. Acne, pain, menstrual problems, and opioid addiction — the range of conditions that cannabidiol (CBD) can apparently treat seems endless. But […]

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Alcohol intake and reduced brain volume: What explains the link?

Does drinking more alcohol shrink the brain, or does a smaller brain volume actually predispose individuals to drink more alcohol? Share on PinterestA new study confirms the link between alcohol use and lower brain volume and proposes a shared underlying cause. Excessive alcohol consumption carries many risks, including heart and liver problems, a higher risk […]

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Atrial fibrillation: Daily alcoholic drink riskier than binge drinking

A new study suggests that drinking small amounts of alcohol frequently rather than having infrequent bouts of binge drinking is more likely to increase the risk of developing atrial fibrillation (A-fib), a condition in which the heart beats irregularly. Share on PinterestNew research suggests that drinking daily may harm the heart’s regular rhythm more than […]

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Mindfulness could boost opioid use disorder treatment

Thousands of people experience negative health outcomes from the overuse or misuse of opioids, a drug class that includes both illegal substances, such as heroin, and prescription medicines for pain relief. Can mindfulness boost the effects of traditional treatments that relieve opioid cravings? New research suggests that mindfulness can help reduce cravings for opioids. The […]