Allergy Dermatology

Itchy rash: 8 types

A rash is a change in the skin that can result in bumpy, blotchy, or scaly patches. Many people have had an itchy rash at some point in their lives. Many are harmless and will go away on their own, but others may be more persistent due to underlying causes or conditions. Many different factors […]


Kissing bug bites: Symptoms, risks, and treatments

“Kissing bug” is the common name for a species of bug called triatomines. The bugs get their common name because they tend to leave bite marks on the face. The main risk associated with kissing bugs is the presence of a parasite in their feces, which can cause Chagas disease in the people it infects. […]


What to know about nut allergies

Nut allergies are among the most common food allergies, and they include reactions to almonds, walnuts, and pecans. An allergy to peanuts, however, is not technically a nut allergy. Many of the 1.2% of people in the United States who are allergic to peanuts may mistakenly believe that they have a nut allergy, but peanuts […]


Allergies and dizziness: What’s the link?

An allergy is the immune system’s reaction to a foreign substance, or allergen, in the body. Typical symptoms of seasonal and environmental allergies include a runny nose, sneezing, sinus congestion, and itchy eyes. A less common symptom of allergies is vertigo, which is a severe form of dizziness. A person may experience this symptom during […]

Allergy Diabetes

Diabetes: Why some anti-inflammatories may increase risk

Doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs long or short term to treat a range of conditions from allergies to arthritis. But could some of these drugs actually increase the risk for another chronic condition — diabetes? Share on PinterestRegular doses of glucocorticoids may increase the risk of diabetes, some researchers argue. Glucocorticoids are a type of anti-inflammatory […]