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Syncing brain waves may fight age-related memory problems

Memory can deteriorate naturally, due to age, and even when this process is not related to neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, it can still affect a person’s quality of life. Now, researchers from Boston University in Massachusetts are exploring ways of fighting age-related memory decline. By resynchronizing brain waves, we could reverse some age-related memory […]

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This drug failed to treat cancer, but it could improve dementia

Dementia — an umbrella term for various neurodegenerative conditions involving memory loss and other forms of cognitive impairment — is hard to treat because its causes remain unknown. Researchers, however, are making painstaking progress. A new approach to dementia research may bring us closer to a treatment, but unexpected challenges could halt this progress. Dr. […]

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The key to brain health: Light but frequent exercise

Researchers are finding new evidence that exercise — even low-intensity, casual physical activity — can boost brain health in the short- and long-term. Frequent but leisurely exercise can boost brain health. Evidence that exercise can benefit the brain and help maintain cognitive function — including memory — is accumulating. One study, for instance, suggests that […]

Alzheimer's / Dementia Neurology / Neuroscience

Light and sound therapy may boost brain function

New research in mice reveals that an innovative light and sound stimulation therapy can clear toxic plaque buildup in the brain and reduce some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and impaired cognitive functioning. A light and sound combination therapy could fight off Alzheimer’s symptoms. The hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease in the brain include the […]