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Could gut bacteria explain the link between stress and autoimmune disease?

New evidence could explain why stress is a risk factor for autoimmune disease. A recent study in mice reveals that persistent social stress changes gut microbiota, or microorganisms, in ways that can trigger certain immune responses. Why does stress influence the risk of autoimmune diseases? Autoimmune conditions develop when the immune system attacks the body’s […]

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Does living alone increase mental health risk?

A new study has concluded that living alone is linked to common mental disorders. The authors have also identified the main driver of this worrying relationship. Researchers examined the links between mental health and living alone. Some common mental disorders (CMDs) include mood disorders, anxiety, and substance use disorders. According to some studies, almost one-third […]

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Obesity may put young people at risk of anxiety, depression

Researchers have recently examined the link between mental health conditions and obesity in over 12,000 children and teenagers. The results show that obesity raises the risk of anxiety and depression, which is something that physicians and healthcare professionals should be “vigilant about.” Obesity raised anxiety and depression risk by 33% among young boys. According to […]

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Large study ties PTSD, acute stress to cardiovascular disease

A large Swedish population study has found strong links between psychiatric conditions that can follow extremely stressful experiences and the risk of several types of cardiovascular disease. The link between acute stress and cardiovascular symptoms may be bidirectional, suggests new research. In addition, the researchers found that the risk of a heart attack and other […]

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Can CBD help treat depression?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural compound that has gained popularity in recent years, thanks in part to a growing body of research into its potential health benefits, which may include treating depression. The initial results of some studies into CBD and depression look promising. CBD is one of over 100 compounds called cannabinoids, which […]