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What to know about neck tension

Neck tension refers to neck pain that develops when the muscles in the neck cannot relax, which can lead to soreness, muscle spasms, and headaches. It has numerous possible causes, ranging from joint problems to inflamed nerves. Depending on the underlying cause, people can experience different types of neck tension and pain, which distinct symptoms […]

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What to know about muscle soreness

Any physical activity that places too much or unusual strain on the muscles can lead to soreness. Everyone can experience muscle soreness, even people who exercise regularly and have good physical fitness. Muscle soreness can be uncomfortable and disruptive. However, the pain typically disappears within a few days. This article outlines the causes of muscle […]

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Through my eyes: Living with shoulder arthritis

“You won’t be able to weightlift anymore.” That’s what my orthopedic surgeon told me when we sat down to discuss getting a total shoulder replacement, something that seemed necessary to relieve my shoulder pain and arthritis. Share on PinterestI refused to accept that I could not continue to lead an active lifestyle. Though I have […]

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What does it mean to feel malaise?

Malaise is a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or fatigue that has no clearly identifiable cause. A person may feel this way for various reasons. Some causes are transient and relatively benign, while others are more chronic and severe. While health issues can cause malaise, people’s experiences and descriptions of this feeling tend to differ, […]