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Antibiotics and bowel cancer: Study finds link

A recent study looking for a link between antibiotics and cancer risk uncovers a complex relationship. The researchers conclude that there is an association between antibiotic use and an increase in colon cancer risk, but a decrease in rectal cancer risk. A new study finds an association between antibiotics and certain cancers. With the advent […]

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Simple dietary changes may reduce cancer risk, increase lifespan

A new study that involved more than 50,000 participants over a period of 2 decades concludes that eating flavonoid rich foods could stave off disease and extend life. A study probes the link between polyphenol consumption and mortality. A considerable amount of research has focused on the role of nutrition in disease risk and mortality. […]

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Gleevec (imatinib)

What is Gleevec? Gleevec is a brand-name prescription medication. It’s used to treat certain types of blood cancers in adults and children. Gleevec is also used to treat a type of skin cancer and a type of gastrointestinal cancer. Gleevec contains the drug imatinib mesylate, which belongs to a class of drugs called tyrosine kinase […]

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How a dietary change might boost cancer therapy

In a recent study, mice that ate a diet with reduced levels of a particular amino acid responded better to cancer treatments. The findings are intriguing, but the authors call for caution. Meat and eggs contain particularly high levels of methionine. Doctors and other experts now understand the significant role that nutrition plays in health. […]

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Cancer: These 4 genes help predict outcome

Extensive research into the role of the tumor suppressor p53 offers a greater understanding of the genetic mutations that are at play in various forms of cancer, as well as identifying four genes that may help predict a person’s outlook. The overexpression of four genes can help predict the outcome of cancers that have a […]