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Do rising obesity levels explain cardiovascular mortality trends?

For decades, deaths caused by cardiovascular events, such as stroke, had been on the decline in high income countries. Recently, however, this decline has come to a halt, and some countries are even experiencing rising rates of stroke and heart disease-related deaths. Why? In some high income countries, cardiovascular-related mortality rates are increasing, and researchers […]

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Why older adults need regular metabolic risk screening

The Endocrine Society have revised their clinical practice guideline on identifying adults at higher risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. New guidelines recommend that older adults should undergo regular screening for metabolic risk. The previous edition of the guideline was in 2008. The recent revision looks at metabolic risk in the light of […]

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Misdiagnosis of the ‘big three’ results in ‘serious harm’

Diagnostic mistakes are the most frequent medical error as well as the most serious, according to researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, MD. New research identifies 15 conditions that doctors often misdiagnose. It is not clear exactly how many people errors in diagnosis affect. However, between 40,000 and 80,000 deaths in United States hospitals […]