What to know about becoming a vegetarian

A person may choose to follow a vegetarian diet for various reasons, including health issues, environmental concerns, or religious beliefs. Regardless of the reason, it is important to consider a few things before becoming vegetarian. For instance, people should know which foods to avoid and what to include in their diet to ensure that they […]


Better quality ‘good’ cholesterol may fight atherosclerosis in diabetes

Diabetes can accelerate the development of atherosclerosis, a condition in which the arteries harden. According to a new study in mouse models, increasing the levels of some forms of cholesterol could help treat this condition. New research suggests that increasing levels of better quality ‘good’ cholesterol could make all the difference in fighting atherosclerosis. Research […]

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Altering an unhealthy gut microbiome could stave off chronic disease

New research in mice suggests that “remodeling” an unhealthy microbiome into a healthy one could stave off chronic disease by improving cholesterol. Scientists modulated the growth of certain bacteria to turn an unhealthy gut microbiome into a healthy one. Using peptides, scientists turned an unhealthy gut microbiome into a healthy gut that worked to help […]


Study finds ‘disturbingly’ high levels of ‘ugly cholesterol’

New research shows that levels of remnant particle cholesterol, also known as “ugly cholesterol,” in the blood are much higher than experts previously thought. New research points to high levels of remnant cholesterol in the blood. This research explored the link between remnant cholesterol and cardiovascular disease and came to an alarming conclusion. Researchers from […]