Undetected diabetes may double risk of heart attack, periodontitis

New research finds an intriguing link between undetected blood sugar disorders and the development of heart attacks and severe gum disease. Undetected blood sugar disorders may heighten the risk of heart attacks and periodontitis. Previous research has pointed to a connection between periodontitis — a chronic condition that affects the gums and bones that support […]


Stroke study finds mouth bacteria in brain clots

Ensuring good oral hygiene could help to prevent stroke. This was what scientists proposed after finding DNA traces of oral bacteria in samples of blood clots that had caused strokes. New research suggests that good oral hygiene may protect against stroke. Researchers from Tampere University in Finland analyzed clot samples from 75 people who received […]

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How to get rid of keto breath

Keto breath is an unpleasant side effect that a person can develop when they begin following a ketogenic diet. A person can try to reduce keto breath by drinking more water or slightly increasing the number of carbohydrates they eat. A ketogenic diet, or keto diet, involves a person eating very few carbohydrates. Instead, they […]


What are the benefits of neem?

Neem is a natural herb that comes from the neem tree, other names for which include Azadirachta indica and Indian lilac. The extract comes from the seeds of the tree and has many different traditional uses. Neem is known for its pesticidal and insecticidal properties, but people also use it in hair and dental products. […]


How whitening strips can damage your teeth

Teeth are an important part of physical appearance for many people, and they want to show a bright white smile. However, a new study reveals that many tooth whitening products can damage the teeth. New research reveals why we should treat tooth whitening products with caution. Studies have shown that most human teeth are not […]


What to know about tooth cavities

Cavities are holes that develop on teeth as a result of decay. They can cause symptoms including toothache. Without treatment, cavities can worsen over time and cause other problems. Practicing good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent them. Tooth decay occurs from a buildup of dental plaque in the mouth. This can damage […]

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How to get rid of tonsil stones

The tonsils are located in the back of the throat and serve as part of the body’s lymphatic and immune systems. Tonsil stones are small stones that form there. They can cause infection and symptoms such as bad breath. Ideally, the tonsils capture and catch bacteria before they can go deeper into a person’s oral […]


What to know about psoriatic arthritis jaw pain

Psoriatic arthritis can affect any joint in the body, including the jaw. The condition can cause jaw pain, teeth grinding, and other dental issues such as tooth loss. Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is an autoimmune condition. It causes joint pain, swelling, and stiffness. PsA causes inflammation that attacks healthy joints and tissue, leading to painful symptoms. […]


Home remedies for sensitive teeth

Having sensitive teeth can sometimes make eating and drinking a painful experience. However, certain home remedies may help reduce tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is a common and treatable condition. A 2013 study found that one in eight people who visited dental practices experienced sensitive teeth. In this article, we explore some home remedies for sensitive […]