Researchers close in on a new depression mechanism

One key characteristic of clinical depression is anhedonia, the complete lack of pleasure in things and activities that used to be rewarding. A new study in rats has now uncovered an important biological factor that contributes to this state. Researchers have found a new ‘key player’ in depression, and the discovery could lead to therapies […]

Depression Mental Health

Could exercise boost well-being among psychiatric inpatients?

A recent paper describes how scientists set up a gym in a psychiatric inpatient unit to find out whether exercise could improve symptoms and general well-being in this challenging environment. A new study asks whether exercise could, at least partially, replace medication for psychiatric inpatients. Over recent years, there have been several investigations into the […]

Depression Nutrition / Diet

‘Mediterranean diet may protect against depression symptoms’

Evidence indicates that following a Mediterranean-style diet, rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts, and cereals, can bring many health benefits, including protection against cardiovascular and metabolic problems. Now, a study also presents a link between this diet and a lower risk of depression later in life. New research finds a link between Mediterranean-style diets and a […]


Depression: Exercise may reduce symptoms but not in women

Many experts consider exercise to be an effective treatment for depression. However, new research casts doubt on this theory by showing that not everyone may benefit. A new study looks at whether exercise can relieve depressive symptoms in men and women equally. Depression is the number one cause of disability across the globe, according to […]


Depression and constipation: What’s the link?

Chronic constipation often accompanies depression. Using a mouse model, researchers investigated why this relationship might occur. They have also tested an experimental drug with encouraging results. Depression and constipation often go hand in hand. Over the years, scientists have found strong links between psychiatric disorders and an increased risk of constipation, particularly in older adults. […]


How ketamine can change the brain to fight depression

New research in mice, which the National Institutes of Health supported, shows how ketamine can alter brain circuits, quickly redressing depression-like symptoms. Ketamine stimulates the regrowth of dendritic spines in the prefrontal cortex, according to a new animal study. Previous studies have shown that ketamine — an anesthetic — can rapidly reduce severe symptoms of […]