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What causes a loss of taste?

A lost sense of taste may refer to a partial or total loss of taste. People may also use this phrase to describe an overpowering and typically unpleasant taste. Many medical issues may lead to a loss of taste. Some of these issues are harmless, while others may require a doctor to diagnose them. The […]

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What to do about a runny nose

Something irritating or inflaming the nasal tissue of the nose is what causes it to become runny. To a stop a runny nose, a person will either need to stop what is irritating or inflaming their nose or take medications that will help reduce the inflammation and production of mucus. A runny nose is the […]

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What causes dizziness?

Dizziness refers to a range of sensations, such as feeling as though the room is spinning, lightheadedness, and feeling physically unsteady. Dizziness has many possible causes, which may relate to a person’s external environment, the medications they take, or an underlying condition. Recurring dizziness or severe dizzy spells can significantly interfere with a person’s life. […]

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What to know about gargling with salt water

Sore throats and mouth sores are common conditions that most people experience. Saltwater gargles can be a cheap, safe, and effective way to ease pain and relieve symptoms from conditions that affect the mouth and throat. While pharmacies and other stores sell medicated mouthwashes and similar products, some people prefer saltwater gargles and other home […]

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Loss of balance: Everything you need to know

A loss of balance often occurs due to a problem with the signals the ear sends to the brain. These usually control our sense of balance and spatial awareness. However, if a person has a condition that affects the brain or inner ear, they may experience a loss of balance, spinning sensations, unsteadiness, lightheadedness, or […]

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What causes black mucus?

When a person has black mucus, they may have inhaled potentially harmful pollutants. Or, they could have an underlying infection or condition. Mucus serves an important purpose in the nasal passages and other cavities throughout the body. It helps protect against infection and harm from foreign objects. Mucus also helps lubricate these passages and cavities. […]