What causes uncontrolled laughter in epilepsy?

A rare form of epilepsy can be characterized by seizures of uncontrolled laughter. What is the root cause, and can doctors address it? A new case study answers this question. Share on PinterestA case study found that an individual’s uncontrolled bursts of laughter resulted from a rare form of epilepsy. Gelastic seizure, or gelastic epilepsy, […]


Can the keto diet treat epilepsy?

The keto diet is low in carbohydrates and protein and very high in fat. Evidence suggests that it can reduce the frequency of seizures, and some people with epilepsy who follow the diet stop experiencing seizures altogether. Typically, people who try the diet for this purpose are also taking antiepileptic medications. However, the keto diet […]


What to know about epilepsy in children

Epilepsy is relatively common in children. Many children with epilepsy will outgrow the condition before their teens, and, if not, treatments usually ensure a full and healthy life. In this article, we look at the signs and symptoms of epilepsy in childhood, plus the different types of seizures and syndromes. We also discuss the treatment […]

Epilepsy Neurology / Neuroscience

The brain finds a way to adapt, even when we remove half

A fascinating new study involving people who underwent hemispherectomy — surgery to remove one of the brain’s hemispheres — in childhood shows that these individuals now display almost no immediately obvious effects of this procedure. Share on PinterestEmerging evidence emphasizes the brain’s impressive ability to adapt, even when doctors remove half. Brains have two halves, […]


Nocturnal seizures: Everything you need to know

Nocturnal seizures are seizures that happen while a person is asleep. They can cause unusual nighttime behavior, such as waking for no reason or urinating while sleeping, as well as jerking and shaking of the body. Nocturnal seizures are usually a type of seizure called a tonic-clonic seizure. Most people with nighttime seizures of this […]

Epilepsy Menopause

CBT may be effective in managing menopause symptoms

A small study into the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on menopause showed that it may reduce hot flashes, depression, and sleep disorders. CBT may be a valid alternative to other menopause treatments. Menopause marks the end of a person’s menstrual cycles. During and after this process, they will no longer be able to conceive […]


Synthetic CBD may be a safe treatment for seizures

A nonintoxicating form of cannabidiol that chemists can make from inexpensive noncannabis ingredients can treat seizures just as effectively as herbal cannabidiol, according to recent research in rats. A synthetic version of the CBD that cannabis contains has the potential to become a safe treatment for seizures, new research reports. The chemical structure of the […]


Dogs may be able to sniff out seizures

For the first time, researchers have shown that dogs can identify the unique odor of a seizure. In the future, this new understanding could help design ways to halt seizures before they happen. The researchers behind a new study conclude that body seizures produce an odor that dogs can detect. In past studies, researchers have […]


Everything you need to know about convulsions

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