Genetics Immune System / Vaccines

Researchers discover new autoinflammatory condition

A team of specialists from Australia and the United States has identified a new autoinflammatory condition in humans. They also understand what causes it, which can help researchers find an adequate treatment. Share on PinterestResearchers have identified a new autoinflammatory condition, which they have named CRIA syndrome. Autoimmune conditions occur when the body’s immune response […]


Could epigenome editing prevent developmental disorders?

Using a new type of genetic engineering tool called epigenome editing in mice, scientists have restored irregularities in the developing brain that arise from a gene mutation. Share on PinterestNew research in mice suggests that gene editing could prevent brain developmental disorders. Epigenome editing is a way of altering the expression, or reading, of genes […]

Genetics Obesity / Weight Loss / Fitness

Why scientists are studying hibernation to tackle obesity

Many mammals gain weight and become insulin resistant during fall. However, these changes are easily reversible, and the mammals will not develop any further unhealthful symptoms. Researchers believe that the explanation for this lies in mechanisms associated with hibernation. Share on PinterestHibernating mammals may have genetic mechanisms that protect them from obesity.Image credit: Little brown […]

Dermatology Genetics

Penile melanosis: What to know

Penile melanosis is a rare condition that causes discolored areas of skin on the head and shaft of the penis. These patches are dark brown and may be slightly or significantly darker than the surrounding skin on the penis. Penile melanosis does not cause any other symptoms. The condition is not infectious or contagious, and […]

Genetics Immune System / Vaccines

Humans and autoimmune diseases continue to evolve together

The ability to fight disease is a driving force in human survival. Inflammation has emerged as a key weapon in this process. As pathogens change and evolve, the immune system adapts to keep up. Share on PinterestOur DNA’s evolution also brought about autoimmune conditions, researchers explain. However, to what extent might such evolutionary adaptations also […]

Genetics Men's Health

What to know about diphallia (double penis)

Diphallia is a rare genetic condition that occurs when a male baby is born with duplication of the penis. There are different types of diphallia, ranging from partial to complete penile duplication. Having two completely developed penises, or true diphallia, is very rare. Ever since the first description of diphallia in 1609, researchers have only […]