Can apple cider vinegar treat gout?

Apple cider vinegar is a sour liquid made from fermented apple products. Many people believe that it is a cure-all for a variety of health conditions, including gout, and some research does suggest that it could be beneficial. Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis that occurs when uric acid crystals build up in the […]

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Gout: Why the stigma?

To some, gout sounds like a medieval condition consigned to the history books; the name has an almost comical ring to it. In reality, gout is incredibly painful and surprisingly common. Here, we ask why no one is talking about gout. People rarely discuss it, but gout can significantly affect quality of life. Gout is […]


11 home remedies for gout

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that causes pain and discomfort, often in the toes, ankles, and knees. There is no cure for gout, so a combination of medications and home remedies can help keep gout in remission. Gout occurs when the body builds up too much uric acid. This acid is a by-product […]


Rheumatoid arthritis vs. gout: Symptoms and causes

Rheumatoid arthritis and gout are two types of arthritis or arthritides. Both types affect the joints, causing pain and inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and gout can be confused with each another when gout causes nodules to form in the hands or feet as they can in RA. People can have both RA and gout, although […]

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Foods to eat and avoid on a low-purine diet

Healthcare professionals often recommend a low-purine diet for people who have gout, kidney stones, or a similar disorder. The diet involves limiting or avoiding the intake of certain foods and beverages in favor of more healthful alternatives. While a low-purine diet is designed to ease symptoms of certain illnesses, it can also improve general health […]


Plant-rich DASH diet linked to lower risk of gout

A study that followed more than 44,000 men for 26 years finds that compared with a “Western” style diet, a plant-rich diet that is known to reduce blood pressure and is recommended for preventing heart disease is linked to a lower risk of developing gout, a painful arthritic condition that typically starts in the big […]


Ketogenic diet may protect against gout

New research examines the effects of a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet on both rodents and humans, and suggests that it can alleviate the symptoms of gout. New research suggests that a ketogenic diet – typically consisting of meats and high-fat dairy – may protect against gout. Gout is a rheumatic disease […]


Gout flare-ups could be managed by blood pressure diet

Gout is a painful condition and, although diet is known to play a role, the exact reasons behind flare-ups are not understood. A fresh analysis of old data finds that a diet designed to help reduce blood pressure might minimize gout attacks. Although gout has been studied for centuries, there are still many questions unanswered. […]