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Heart disease death: ‘White coat hypertension’ may double risk

New research suggests that untreated ‘white coat hypertension’ may be a major risk factor for heart disease and heart disease-related death. Blood pressure may spike when a doctor performs the reading. White coat hypertension describes a disorder in which a person develops high blood pressure only in the presence of doctors. Some doctors and researchers […]

Heart Disease

What to do in the event of a heart attack

Learning to recognize warning signs and risk factors can help people avoid a heart attack. When a person has a heart attack, knowing what to do and acting quickly can help them have a better outcome. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person has a heart attack every 40 seconds […]

Cardiovascular / Cardiology Heart Disease

Blood test may predict cardiovascular disease

New research suggests that a simple blood test, which doctors currently use to diagnose heart attacks, may be useful in predicting the risk of cardiovascular disease. New research suggests a simple blood test could accurately predict who will go on to develop cardiovascular disease. According to the latest statistics from the American Heart Association (AHA), […]

Cardiovascular / Cardiology Heart Disease

Replacing red meat with plant protein reduces heart disease risk

A meta-analysis of trials comparing the health effects of red meat consumption with those of other diets found that substituting healthful plant protein for red meat helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Eating plant proteins, such as tofu, may benefit cardiovascular health. Many studies throughout the years have linked the consumption of red meat […]

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Heart disease and depression: Scientists find missing link

Researchers already recognized the link between depression and heart disease. However, until recently, the mechanisms explaining it remained a mystery. A new study reveals that stress-induced inflammation may explain why mental and cardiovascular health are so intimately related. Why are people with depression more likely to have heart disease? Heart disease is now the leading […]