GastroIntestinal / Gastroenterology Hypertension

High blood pressure: Could gut bacteria play a role?

In this Spotlight feature, we investigate whether the bacteria that live in our guts could influence our blood pressure. If so, could they guide future treatment? Hypertension is growing in prevalence, but can we blame gut bacteria? Scientists are growing increasingly interested in the role of gut bacteria. Each week, journals publish many study papers […]


Hypertension: Looking beyond the classic risk factors

A recent study examines the relationship between where people live and the risk of developing hypertension and metabolic syndrome. The authors conclude that the location and type of home could play a significant role. How does the local environment impact hypertension risk? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hypertension, or high […]

Heart Disease Hypertension

Heart disease death: ‘White coat hypertension’ may double risk

New research suggests that untreated ‘white coat hypertension’ may be a major risk factor for heart disease and heart disease-related death. Blood pressure may spike when a doctor performs the reading. White coat hypertension describes a disorder in which a person develops high blood pressure only in the presence of doctors. Some doctors and researchers […]


Can drinking mineral-rich water prevent hypertension?

Could adding calcium and magnesium to drinking water be a practical way to lower high blood pressure in people who live in areas where drinking water is deficient in these minerals? Could drinking higher-salinity water help lower blood pressure? A recent study has linked drinking water of higher salinity to lower blood pressure in people […]

Cardiovascular / Cardiology Hypertension

Surgery with ultrasound treats high blood pressure in trial

A minimally invasive surgical procedure that targets nerves leading to the kidneys could one day offer a safe way for some people to reduce their blood pressure medications. Scientists find a new way to optimize blood pressure control. Investigators have announced the 6-month results of an international clinical trial on the safety and effectiveness of […]