Lupus Multiple Sclerosis

What is the difference between MS and lupus?

Multiple sclerosis and lupus both involve the immune system, and they may cause similar symptoms at times. However, they are separate conditions with distinct characteristics. Symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) appear because the body attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. This damage interferes with the way the body communicates with the brain. […]

Cardiovascular / Cardiology Lupus

What is lupus?

Lupus is a long-term autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. Symptoms include inflammation, swelling, and damage to the joints, skin, kidneys, blood, heart, and lungs. Due to its complex nature, people sometimes call lupus the “disease of 1,000 faces.” In the United States, people report around […]


Treating and managing lupus and preventing flares

Lupus is a complex autoimmune condition with a wide variety of symptoms. As a systemic disease, it can affect any part of the body. The cause remains unclear, and there is currently no cure, but some therapies can help to relieve symptoms, and lifestyle measure can improve a person’s quality of life. There is no […]

Endocrinology Lupus

What to know about common thyroid disorders

The thyroid is a small gland that helps regulate a person’s metabolism by producing hormones. Problems can occur if the thyroid overproduces hormones, when it is known as hyperthyroidism, or underproduces hormones, which is called hypothyroidism. These issues may also result in the growth of the thyroid, which is called a goiter. Researchers estimate that […]


Psoriasis and lupus: What’s the difference?

Psoriasis and lupus are both autoimmune conditions that can affect people’s skin. Although they share some symptoms, they are separate disorders. It is possible for a person to have both lupus and psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis. The treatments and complications are different for each disorder. In this article, we take a close look at the […]


What is the link between lupus and arthritis?

Lupus and arthritis are different conditions, but lupus often causes people to develop arthritis or joint pain. The causes and treatments for lupus and arthritis are different, so people should be aware of the differences between the two conditions. There may be a genetic link between lupus and arthritis, though there are also significant genetic […]

Dermatology Lupus

What causes patches of discolored skin?

Patches of discolored skin are common and have many different causes, including birthmarks, pigmentation disorders, rashes, and infections. Some causes are harmless, but others will require medical attention. Skin contains melanin, which is the pigment that gives the skin its color. Having more melanin makes the skin darker, while less of it results in lighter […]


How to cope with lupus

Learning to live with the constant fatigue and chronic pain that is associated with lupus is highly likely to take its toll on your mind and body, often leading to frustration and hopelessness. So, we have put together some useful tips for coping with lupus. Living with chronic pain can make you feel helpless, but […]


Lupus: Low vitamin D may raise risk of kidney failure

New research, conducted by scientists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD, finds that low vitamin D raises the risk of organ damage and renal disease in people with lupus – an autoimmune disease. New research suggests vitamin D supplementation may be a good way to prevent renal damage in lupus patients. Dr. […]