Through my eyes: Autoimmune conditions

I have several autoimmune conditions: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, celiac disease, and systemic lupus erythemus. There is currently no cure for any of the autoimmune conditions I have. Healthcare professionals define autoimmune conditions as occurring when the immune system, which normally protects the body from infection by fighting bacteria and viruses, behaves abnormally […]


All you need to know about myositis

In today’s wording, the suffix –itis means a disease or inflammation of a specific organ or tissue. In the case of myositis, it is the muscles that are inflamed or diseased. Myositis can cause muscle diseases known as myopathies. Sometimes, a person may have myositis and not know the underlying cause. Fast facts on myositis: […]


How to cope with lupus

Learning to live with the constant fatigue and chronic pain that is associated with lupus is highly likely to take its toll on your mind and body, often leading to frustration and hopelessness. So, we have put together some useful tips for coping with lupus. Living with chronic pain can make you feel helpless, but […]


The 10 best lupus blogs

Blogs that specialize in lupus can help to provide support and coping strategies for living well with lupus. We have chosen the best lupus blogs that can help you tackle some of the challenges you may face. Lupus blogs can help provide support and advice for those with lupus and their friends and families. Lupus […]

Alzheimer's / Dementia Lupus

Could lupus raise dementia risk?

People living with lupus may be at significantly greater risk of developing dementia than those without the autoimmune disease, a new study suggests. Researchers have uncovered a link between lupus and an increased risk of dementia. Lupus is a chronic condition wherein the immune system mistakingly attacks the body’s healthy cells and tissues. It is estimated […]