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How ‘tickling’ the ear could prevent age related disease

New research suggests that using controlled electric currents to stimulate certain parts of the ear could readjust the body’s metabolic balance, thus reducing the risk of age related health problems. Can ‘tickling’ the ear with electric stimuli improve health later in life? Scientists from the United Kingdom believe that it can. Vagus nerve stimulation is […]

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How doctors got it wrong: 3 ‘conditions’ they no longer recognize

Medical research has changed how doctors diagnose conditions for the better. Read this Spotlight feature to find out about the top three “medical conditions” that healthcare professionals no longer recognize as such. In this Spotlight feature, we look at three ‘conditions’ that doctors no longer recognize as such. Throughout history — both recent and distant […]

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Facebook may actually benefit adult mental health

It is a common belief that using social media platforms can adversely affect people’s mental health, but new research has shown that using these networking sites can reduce an adult’s risk of experiencing depression or anxiety. Social media may improve the mental health of adults by helping them maintain social relationships, new research finds. Facebook’s […]

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AI can predict psychosis risk in everyday language

People’s language could reveal clues about their future risk of developing psychosis. Scientists concluded this after studying the subtle features of people’s everyday speech. Subtle differences in word use can indicate psychosis risk, and machine learning can help identify it. Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, and Harvard University in Boston, MA, used a […]