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How do antidepressants affect gut bacteria?

Newly published research in rodents and ongoing research in humans examines the effects of psychiatric drugs, including antidepressants, on the composition of gut bacteria. Scientists are slowly discovering the effects that antidepressants have on various bacterial strains that usually live in the gut. More and more studies are supporting the role of the gut microbiota […]

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Major review asks which supplements really aid mental health

Controversy surrounds the inclusion of nutritional supplements in mental health treatments, with much research proving inconclusive. A major new review now explains which supplements have shown the most promise for specific mental health conditions. Some supplements, such as omega-3s, may indeed benefit mental health, according to a major new review. “While there has been a […]

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OCD: Deep magnetic stimulation may help where other therapies fail

Millions of people around the world have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a condition that often has a significant impact on well-being and quality of life. New research from Israel outlines a new therapy option that could help people with OCD that does not respond to other treatments. Can magnetic stimulation work where other treatment options do […]

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Physical fitness may help prevent depression, anxiety

Although there is evidence that exercise can boost mental health, scientists know less about whether physical fitness can prevent the onset of mental health conditions. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis take a closer look. Can physical fitness protect against mental health conditions? Common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, are a growing […]