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Insomnia: ‘Long-distance’ CBT as effective as in-person therapy

Thousands of people around the world experience insomnia, which affects their quality of life, health, and productivity. One effective way of managing insomnia is cognitive behavioral therapy, but many individuals may not have the time or money to visit a therapist’s office. So, what is the solution? New technologies can effectively deliver the therapy that […]

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Letter from the Editor: Self-love

Summer is on its way. Here in Medical News Today‘s hometown of Brighton, United Kingdom, the temperature is rising, seagulls are preparing to steal the food of unsuspecting tourists, and our fingers are hovering over desk fans in anticipation of the warmer weather. The MNT team used their creativity to decorate some pebbles with positive […]

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Bipolar disorder may increase risk of Parkinson’s

A new study has found that people with bipolar disorder have a higher risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Also, having bipolar disorder of a higher severity seems to increase the risk even further. A large-scale study finds links between bipolar disorder and Parkinson’s. Previous studies have found links between depression and Parkinson’s disease, but few […]

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Could exercise boost well-being among psychiatric inpatients?

A recent paper describes how scientists set up a gym in a psychiatric inpatient unit to find out whether exercise could improve symptoms and general well-being in this challenging environment. A new study asks whether exercise could, at least partially, replace medication for psychiatric inpatients. Over recent years, there have been several investigations into the […]

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What to know about mood stabilizers

Mood stabilizers are a type of medication that doctors usually use to treat the symptoms of bipolar disorder. These drugs can help stop the significant mood swings that people with bipolar disorder commonly experience. A person taking mood stabilizers may experience side effects, which can sometimes be serious. Anyone with bipolar disorder may experience unusual […]

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What to know about cluster A personality disorders

People define personality disorders in many different ways. According to one definition, a personality disorder is a mental health condition that affects how a person thinks and feels and how they relate to other people. Cluster A disorders usually involve awkwardness in social situations, distorted thinking, and distance from society and relationships. There are 10 […]

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Are strangers’ mental health ‘recovery narratives’ helpful?

Researchers at the University of Nottingham in United Kingdom have reviewed dozens of articles analyzing the helpfulness of other people’s “recovery narratives” and found that they can help people overcome their own mental health problems. Hearing others’ recovery stories can help us cope with our own mental health issues. Increasingly, mental health professionals are considering […]

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Does living alone increase mental health risk?

A new study has concluded that living alone is linked to common mental disorders. The authors have also identified the main driver of this worrying relationship. Researchers examined the links between mental health and living alone. Some common mental disorders (CMDs) include mood disorders, anxiety, and substance use disorders. According to some studies, almost one-third […]