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Borderline personality disorder: Trauma raises risk by 13-fold

A new meta-analysis of existing studies has revealed that people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) are much more likely to report childhood adversity than those without the condition. Share on PinterestTraumatic experiences in early life may significantly raise the risk of BPD. Childhood trauma is also associated with BPD more than it is with other […]

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What does it mean to feel malaise?

Malaise is a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or fatigue that has no clearly identifiable cause. A person may feel this way for various reasons. Some causes are transient and relatively benign, while others are more chronic and severe. While health issues can cause malaise, people’s experiences and descriptions of this feeling tend to differ, […]

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Homeopathic treatments for anxiety: What to know

Homeopathy for anxiety uses mixtures of herbal, mineral, and other natural products to relieve anxiety symptoms. These very dilute homeopathic concoctions would sometimes be toxic in high doses. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America report that anxiety is the most prevalent mental health condition in the United States, affecting 18.1% of the adult population […]

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What to know about paranoid personality disorder

People with paranoid personality disorder have a deep and unwarranted mistrust of others, which tends to have a significant effect on their relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. Paranoid personality disorder (PPD)is among the most common personality disorders. Experts believe that this disorder may affect up to 4.41% of the population. People with PPD feel […]

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How is stress linked with constipation?

High levels of stress can cause or aggravate gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, stomach pain, and changes in bowel movements, which can include constipation. Researchers have identified various connections between the brain and stomach that may lead to constipation symptoms. A range of treatments and remedies can help relieve stress-related constipation. In this article, we […]

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How does temperature affect mental health?

According to a recent study, there is an association between hotter temperatures and an increase both in the number of hospital visits for mental health reasons and in suicide rates. Share on PinterestIncreasing temperatures may negatively affect mental health. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and globally. According […]

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The impact of mental health training in the workplace

A new study has found that managers with access to mental health training in their workplaces have an improved understanding of mental health overall and that they actively work to help prevent mental health issues in the people they manage. Share on PinterestMental health training programs can significantly improve employees’ performance and well-being. In Sweden, […]

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How to stop ruminating thoughts

Ruminating thoughts are excessive and intrusive thoughts about negative experiences and feelings. A person with a history of trauma may be unable to stop thinking about the trauma, for example, while a person with depression may persistently think negative, self-defeating thoughts. Many different mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), […]

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Could cannabis use help avert depression in PTSD?

Could people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) benefit from using cannabis to help reduce depressive episodes and thinking about suicide? A study of a population survey from Canada suggests that the preliminary answer is yes. Share on PinterestNew research looks into the benefits of cannabis for relieving depressive symptoms in PTSD. A recent paper on […]