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Stimulating brain with ultrasound can influence decisions

A noninvasive, low-intensity ultrasound method that targets nerve cells, or neurons, can alter brain function to influence decision-making. New research shows how a brain area called the anterior cingulate cortex controls a type of reasoning known as counterfactual thinking. Scientists have demonstrated the technique in a recent study, in which they disrupted “counterfactual thinking” in […]

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Syncing brain waves may fight age-related memory problems

Memory can deteriorate naturally, due to age, and even when this process is not related to neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, it can still affect a person’s quality of life. Now, researchers from Boston University in Massachusetts are exploring ways of fighting age-related memory decline. By resynchronizing brain waves, we could reverse some age-related memory […]

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How use of digital devices may influence obesity risk

Recent evidence suggests that people who multitask by switching frequently between digital devices may be more at risk of developing unhealthful eating habits and obesity. Media multitasking may impact obesity risk and eating habits. The more gadgets that become available to us, the more we may feel tempted to explore these new technologies, but their […]