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Clues in brain’s waste system may help explain Alzheimer’s

New research reveals that a particular group of lymphatic vessels plays a pivotal role in helping the brain dispose of waste. It also suggests that deterioration of these vessels through aging could contribute to neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. New findings into the brain’s clearance system may help us better understand aging-related neurological diseases. Until […]

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Exploring the neuroanatomy of a murderer

By scanning the brains of hundreds of convicted murderers, a recent study has zeroed in on significant differences in the gray matter of homicide offenders, compared with that of people who have carried out other violent crimes. A new study examines the brains of killers. In 2016, there were an estimated 17,250 murders in the […]

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How do ancient viruses cause MS and other neurological diseases?

Ancient viruses have left behind traces in our DNA. Researchers believe these contribute to neurological conditions. Could inhibiting our viral passengers pave the way for future treatments? What links neurological conditions and ancient viruses? Transposable elements, which scientists also call transposons or jumping genes, are stretches of DNA that harbor the ability to move around […]

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Beating addiction: Why our brains may struggle to ignore alcohol, food cues

New research offers fascinating insights into how our brains ignore environmental cues of addictive substances or habits, why it’s harder to ignore such cues when we’re stressed, and how we might be able to beat addiction. New research explains why we sometimes find it so hard to ignore the sight of a delicious-looking drink. If […]

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13 adults with complete paralysis benefit from nerve transfer surgery

A new study showcases the benefits of nerve transfer surgery — sometimes in combination with traditional tendon transfer surgery — for restoring upper limb function in people with complete paralysis. A team of Australia-based surgeons has restored the function of upper limbs in 13 young adults who experienced spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injury (SCI) […]

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Coexisting conditions: New test predicts suicide, cognitive risk

After studying thousands of people for over a decade, researchers have concluded that living with multiple chronic conditions can seriously affect a person’s brain health and mental well-being, hastening forms of memory loss and increasing the risk of dying by suicide. Having multiple chronic conditions can speed up cognitive decline. Recent research has shown that […]

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Serotonin deficiency could explain ‘imaginary’ somatic condition

When a person feels pain and doctors can’t figure out why, they often tell the person that their symptoms are psychological. A recently discovered biological cause could change the narrative. People with heightened somatic awareness often experience pain in the neck and back. Being told that one’s symptoms are a figment of one’s imagination can […]

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How does your brain take out the trash?

In this Spotlight, we introduce the glymphatic system: the brain’s dedicated waste clearance system. Now implicated in various conditions, it is high time that we became acquainted. Astroglia (illustrated above) play a pivotal role in the brain’s trash collection service. Many of us are relatively familiar with the lymphatic system; it performs a number of […]