Psychology / Psychiatry

Does a common pain reliever reduce empathy?

Following on from a series of similar studies, researchers are once again investigating whether acetaminophen can influence our psychology. This time, the focus is on positive empathy. Could acetaminophen reduce our ability to demonstrate empathy? Acetaminophen is one of the most commonly used drugs globally. It offers quick relief from mild pain and is readily […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Psychology / Psychiatry

IBS: Telephone- and web-based CBT relieve symptoms

The usual treatment for irritable bowel syndrome consists of drugs and advice on lifestyle and diet. Now, a new study suggests that giving interactive web-based or telephone-based cognitive behavioral therapy on top of usual care can reduce symptoms more effectively than standard care alone for those whose IBS is not responding to drugs. New research […]

Hearing / Deafness Psychology / Psychiatry

Quietness better than background music for creativity

Recent research questions the popular notion that listening to music increases creativity. Instead, it proposes that quietness, or even background library noise, is more beneficial. Many people say that music helps them focus, but the researchers behind a new study beg to differ. After conducting a series of experiments with human volunteers, researchers from the […]

Depression Psychology / Psychiatry

Transcendental meditation can help treat PTSD

Working with a cohort of young people with symptoms of PTSD and depression, researchers found that practicing transcendental meditation can help reduce or even reverse these symptoms. New evidence indicates that some types of meditation can successfully tackle mental health issues. Studies have shown that meditation practices can have a significant, positive effect on mental […]

Psychology / Psychiatry

How to spot bipolar symptoms in yourself

Bipolar disorder can cause a person’s moods to fluctuate between extreme highs and lows, sometimes to such an extent that they struggle to carry out everyday tasks. A person who suspects that they have bipolar disorder should talk to their doctor. Bipolar disorder interferes with a person’s moods and activity level. Doctors diagnose people of […]