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Sensory stimuli control dopamine in the brain

Regardless of whether we are sitting in a loud aeroplane or walking through a quiet forest clearing, how humans perceive their environment depends on the stimuli. This, in turn, affects our behaviour – sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously. In their study of fish larvae, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Driever and his team of neurobiologists at the University […]

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Sleep disruption has genetic links with obesity, schizophrenia

For the first time, researchers have found genetic links between sleep disturbance and a range of conditions, such as restless legs syndrome, obesity, and schizophrenia. The study identifies genetic links between sleep disturbance and a range of health conditions, including restless legs syndrome, obesity, and schizophrenia. In the journal Nature Genetics, scientists from […]

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome effectively treated with pregabalin, which also reduces risk of symptom worsening

A report in the New England Journal of Medicine confirms previous studies suggesting that long-term treatment with the type of drugs commonly prescribed to treat restless leg syndrome (RLS) can cause a serious worsening of the condition in some patients. The year-long study from a multi-institutional research team found that pregabalin – which is FDA-approved […]

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome: Study raises hope for better drugs

John Hopkins researchers may have discovered why insomnia persists in patients with restless legs syndrome (RLS), despite successful treatment of the condition. Few drugs effectively treat RLS while also improving sleep. People with restless legs syndrome, sometimes called “jimmy legs,” have an uncontrollable urge to move their legs. The condition varies in severity and can […]