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Misconceptions may lead to dehydration in older adults

A new study looks at what keeps older adults from getting sufficient fluids to avoid negative health outcomes. Share on PinterestNew research stresses the importance of staying hydrated as we get older. Staying hydrated seems simple enough. Yet studies have shown that somewhere between about one-third and one-half of older adults may be dehydrated, increasing […]

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Study reveals how diabetes drug promotes healthy aging

Doctors commonly prescribe metformin to help people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar levels. The drug increases insulin sensitivity through its effects on glucose metabolism. Share on PinterestMetformin may hold surprising benefits in the fight against age-related illness. However, although there is clear evidence of metformin’s effectiveness, scientists do not fully understand how […]

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Parks with irregular shapes may boost longevity

More and more studies are emphasizing the importance of green spaces for longevity. New research adds an important nuance to the mounting evidence — the shape of these parks also plays an important part in staving off mortality risk. Share on Pinterest Medical News Today have just reported on the most comprehensive analysis to date […]

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Parkinson’s: Ultrasound technology may relieve symptoms

A new study shows that pulses of minimally invasive ultrasound waves improve the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s disease by immediately and significantly reducing tremors. Share on PinterestA new technique may help reduce tremors in Parkinson’s disease. The study involved a minimally invasive procedure that offers significant benefits over some other treatments […]

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Can the gut microbiome unlock the secrets of aging?

A new study has shown how the gut microbiota of older mice can promote neural growth in young mice, leading to promising developments in future treatments. Share on PinterestScientists are suggesting that gut bacteria may drive the neurological aging process. The research group, based in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, transferred the gut microbiota […]