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Giving TB vaccine intravenously boosts efficacy

Experiments in rhesus macaques show that changing the mode of administration of an existing vaccine yields “amazing” results in the fight against tuberculosis (TB). Share on PinterestDelivering the TB vaccine intravenously rather than intradermally may prove significantly more effective. Globally, TB is one of the top 10 causes of death and the leading cause of […]


What to know about pulmonary tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection that can pass through the air between people. When it affects the lungs, the medical name for this is pulmonary tuberculosis. It can cause chest pain, severe coughing, and a range of other symptoms. Tuberculosis (TB) bacteria mainly grow in the lungs, but they can infect other parts of the […]

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Scorpion venom compounds can kill dangerous bacteria

Researchers have managed to synthesize two scorpion venom compounds that are effective against some strains of highly infectious bacteria. The compounds are also unlikely to harm humans, the scientists reassure us. Detail of photograph showing Prof. Richard Zare holding a Diplocentrus melici, a type of scorpion with venom that has healing potential.Image credit: Edson N. […]


Lower respiratory tract infections: What to know

Lower respiratory tract infections are any infections in the lungs or below the voice box. These include pneumonia, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. A lower respiratory tract infection can affect the airways, such as with bronchitis, or the air sacs at the end of the airways, as in the case of pneumonia. In this article, we look […]


How do you read a TB skin test?

The purified protein derivative test confirms whether someone has had exposure to tuberculosis, a serious infectious disease. A positive test result indicates that the person may have a tuberculosis infection, but it does not necessarily mean that they have active tuberculosis. Tuberculosis, or TB, is a bacterial infection that can affect any part of the […]


Rats better at diagnosing TB than standard tests

New research shows that rats can detect up to 70 percent more cases of tuberculosis in children than standard smear tests. The findings may help to treat a significant number of children who have previously been overlooked. Doctors need better tools to detect TB in children. The World Health Organization (WHO) say that tuberculosis (TB) […]