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A doctor’s life-enhancing experience of working on a humanitarian TB project

Dr. Mark McNicol, a middle grade specialty doctor from Northern Ireland, recently spent 9 months working for Medicines Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. In an interview with Medical News Today, he explains that the stigma of disease and the suffering of sick people living in poverty made a significant impression on him while treating patients […]


Tuberculosis: Researchers uncover how bacteria burst our cells

Scientists based in Vienna unveil the complex molecular structure that causes lethal infections by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). Their findings might have implications for potential therapies against antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis. In a paper published in Nature Microbiology, an international team of scientists across Europe, including IMP (Institute of Molecular Pathology) and IMBA (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of […]


Tuberculosis: Soil bacteria compound may yield potent new drug

Researchers have discovered a compound found in soil bacteria that could lead to new drugs to combat tuberculosis, a global disease that is becoming increasingly resistant to current treatments. They have produced synthetic versions of the natural compound and showed that they can kill the tuberculosis bacterium in the laboratory. The researchers developed potent analogs […]