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What to know about eco-anxiety

Eco-anxiety refers to a fear of environmental damage or ecological disaster. This sense of anxiety is largely based on the current and predicted future state of the environment and human-induced climate change. According to a 2018 national survey, almost 70% of people in the United States are worried about climate change, and around 51% feel […]

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Homeopathic treatments for anxiety: What to know

Homeopathy for anxiety uses mixtures of herbal, mineral, and other natural products to relieve anxiety symptoms. These very dilute homeopathic concoctions would sometimes be toxic in high doses. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America report that anxiety is the most prevalent mental health condition in the United States, affecting 18.1% of the adult population […]

Anxiety / Stress

Relaxation makes worriers more anxious

Some people become more anxious as they attempt to relax because relaxing interrupts their worrying, according to new research. Relaxation techniques may have the opposite effect in some people. Although the intent of relaxation exercises is to reduce anxiety, for some people, they have the opposite effect. A new study concludes that, in these people, […]

Anxiety / Stress

How long does Xanax last?

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