What are the effects of lowering blood pressure targets?

In 2017, the American Heart Association (AHA) lowered the threshold for what constitutes hypertension. However, what is the impact of this, and is implementing these new guidelines cost effective? Two new studies set out to investigate. Share on PinterestNew research examines the effects of lowering hypertension thresholds. According to the AHA, around 103 million adults […]

Hearing / Deafness Hypertension

High blood pressure: Could noise be a risk factor?

A recent study investigated the relationship between occupational noise-induced hearing loss and blood pressure. The authors conclude that chronic noise exposure increases the risk of hypertension. Share on PinterestCould long term exposure to noise raise blood pressure? According to the new paper, globally, more than 600 million people have jobs that expose them to hazardous […]

Cardiovascular / Cardiology Hypertension

Everything you need to know about ACE inhibitors

Angiotensin converting enzyme, or “ACE” inhibitors, are a type of medication that doctors prescribe to treat high blood pressure, or “hypertension,” and other cardiovascular conditions. This article outlines the different ACE inhibitors that are available. We also discuss the effectiveness of ACE inhibitors, along with their potential side effects and risks. Share on PinterestA person […]

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High blood pressure: Herbal remedies may inspire future treatments

People have used herbs as medicine for thousands of years. Today, with medical researchers continually hunting for better alternative treatments, some are revisiting these remedies. A recent study looks at herbs that people believe can treat hypertension. Lavender was one of the plants that the scientists tested in the recent study. Currently, hypertension affects an […]


More batches of common hypertension drug taken off the market

The company Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is announcing that they are withdrawing more batches of the common hypertension drug Losartan after discovering that they contained unacceptably high levels of a carcinogen in January of this year. The FDA have published an announcement that a drug company is withdrawing several lots of a common hypertension drug. Losartan […]

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Dementia risk: The role of ‘blood pressure patterns’

Researchers are growing increasingly interested in the relationship between blood pressure and dementia. The most recent study investigates how patterns of change in blood pressure over the decades might influence risk. What can blood pressure fluctuations tell us about dementia risk? As the United States population ages, dementia incidence rises in tandem. Today, around 5 […]