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Vaccinations do not raise risk of multiple sclerosis

A large study has concluded that vaccinations are not a risk factor for multiple sclerosis. Instead, the findings reveal a consistent link between higher vaccination rates and a lower likelihood of developing the disabling condition. There is no evidence that vaccinations increase the likelihood of MS. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in […]

Multiple Sclerosis

Can red meat reduce the risk of MS?

Scientists have found a link between consumption of a daily portion of unprocessed red meat as part of a Mediterranean diet and a reduction in brain changes that precede MS. Should unprocessed red meat feature in the diet of those at high risk of MS? Around 1 million adults in the United States live with […]

Multiple Sclerosis

Study finds that many people diagnosed with MS do not have the condition

Researchers found that nearly 1 in 5 people who had received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis had other unrelated conditions. Some conditions, such as stroke or migraine, have similar symptoms to MS. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a widespread disabling neurological condition in which the immune system attacks and destroys the fatty tissue that surrounds the […]

Multiple Sclerosis

MS: High-strength MRI may predict disease progression

Researchers used a powerful MRI scanner to monitor people with multiple sclerosis and found a link between the total volume of cortical lesions and neurological disability. Researchers were able to detect previously unidentified MS lesions in the brain using a powerful MRI scanner. Their study reveals that the development of lesions in the brain’s cortical […]

Multiple Sclerosis

Cocoa may help treat common MS symptom

New research, which features in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, finds that having a cocoa drink every day for 6 weeks helps combat fatigue in people living with multiple sclerosis. Cocoa drinks are high in flavonoids, which may relieve fatigue in people living with MS. According to the latest estimates, multiple sclerosis (MS) […]