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Athletes are better at tuning out background brain noise

People who play sports appear to have an enhanced ability to process sounds from their environment, according to new research. Share on PinterestAthletes’ brains may be better at processing the sensory environment, new research suggests. Scientists at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, measured brain activity relating to sound processing in athletes and nonathletes. They found […]

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Tips for healing a sprained ankle fast

Share on PinterestA temporary bandage can help support the joint and prevent it from moving. Anyone who thinks that they have sprained an ankle should receive first aid. Avoid putting any weight on the ankle, as this increases the risk of broken bones and other injuries. Sit in a comfortable position, with the ankle elevated […]

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What to know about muscle soreness

Any physical activity that places too much or unusual strain on the muscles can lead to soreness. Everyone can experience muscle soreness, even people who exercise regularly and have good physical fitness. Muscle soreness can be uncomfortable and disruptive. However, the pain typically disappears within a few days. This article outlines the causes of muscle […]

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What are the benefits of aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise reduces the risk of many health conditions, ranging from heart disease to dementia. Although all forms of physical activity provide some benefits, aerobic exercise is particularly effective because it causes the heart and lungs to work harder than usual. National physical activity guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week. […]

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How heavy lifting at work affects cardiovascular health

New research suggests that high intensity, sports based exercise has benefits for cardiovascular health, but continual heavy lifting at work may have a negative impact. Share on PinterestNew research shows how strenuous physical activity affects artery health. Health experts have consistently promoted the benefits of physical activity, particularly for preventing cardiovascular disease, the leading cause […]

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Exercise levels predict lifespan better than smoking, medical history

Wearable activity trackers may pave the way for a better method to predict short term death risk, suggests a new study, which found that exercise data was more accurate than other risk factors, such as smoking and medical history. Share on PinterestNew research suggests that physical activity levels might be a better predictor of lifespan […]