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Standing burns more calories than sitting or lying

New research supports the idea that spending more time standing during waking hours can help to counteract some of the negative consequences of sedentary lifestyles. New research finds that standing expends more energy than sitting or lying down and makes up for sedentarism. Compared with sitting or lying down for the same amount of time, […]

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Spinach supplement may increase muscle strength

New research has examined the potential of spinach extract as an enhancer of athletic performance. The active compound in spinach extract significantly improves muscle strength, leading the study authors to recommend banning the supplement in sports. Spinach contains an extract that could boost athletic performance. Rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron, some people call spinach […]

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Exercise may increase lifespan ‘regardless of past activity levels’

New research examines the relationship between trends in physical activity levels over time and mortality risk among adults in middle age and older. The findings suggest that it is never too late to start exercising, as becoming more active may lengthen lifespan “regardless of past activity levels.” Becoming physically active can legthen the lifespan of […]