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What to know about urinary retention

Urinary retention is difficulty completely emptying the bladder. People with urinary retention may need to urinate very frequently, feel the urge to urinate again immediately after using the bathroom, or experience incontinence. Sometimes a chronic issue, such as a pelvic floor or prostate problem, causes urinary retention. Acute issues, such as infections, may also cause […]

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What is a nephrologist?

Share on PinterestA nephrologist specializes in treating diseases of the kidneys. A nephrologist is a kidney specialist. They can perform diagnostic tests and treat conditions related to the kidneys. Nephrology is a subspecialty of internal medicine. To become a nephrologist, a person should: complete an undergraduate and medical degree complete a 3 year residency in […]

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Kidney disease: Does gout increase risk?

Building on previous findings, a new study concludes that people with gout are more likely to develop kidney disease. The authors believe that the results offer new ways to reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease. A recent study looks at whether gout influences kidney health. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a long term condition, […]